What is love

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What is love

What is love?” and “what is the definition of love?” those are questions that has been asked throughout history and are often jumping to our head. Here you can read answers to some of those questions.

what is true love

When we are talking about the meaning of love, we are actually talking about the meaning of “true love” or “unconditional love“. Love = true love. Because otherwise, we are not talking about real love, and there is no point in doing so.

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what is the meaning of love

The meaning of love is simple, as it’s written in the bible: “Love your neighbour as yourself“. The meaning is that you should love others just like you love yourself, and take care of others just like you take care your own body.

Let’s say you and your friend are in a situation where its night, both of you are tired and you have just one cushion. Love is when you give your cushion to your friend and sleep without one.

And finally, here is a short poem we wrote about love.

“What is love” poem

“When you want to love and to be loved you should never give up.
Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your biggest desire,
which is to love and to be loved, one more time again,
because you deserve to feel what is love.”