Tips for finding true long lasting love

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Tips For Finding True Long Lasting Love Adina Rivers

In the last article we’ve talked about 3 ways to find true love. In addition to that, here are another 3 great tips for finding true long lasting love.

In this video Adina is talking about how she found a sweet and kind guy like Oliver her partner, how they managed to stay together for such a long period of time like love birds, raise a child and have gone through all those challenges.


1) You don’t find true love, you create true love (0:56). No one you ever going to meet will be perfect, there will always be something that will bother you in someway or another. “I didn’t find Oliver, I’ve created him…”. The problem is that many people confused “true love” with “falling in love”, but those are completely different things.

2) Drop Expectations, empty your mind (3:56). Your heart doesn’t care about lists. Your ego thinks: “I want this quality in my partner, I want that to be in my partner…”, but by doing so you limit life itself, and your potencial to experience love.

3) Do not search, be here and now (4:35). Don’t focus on searching for the right kind of partner, focus on living life now as it is and be grateful for your life. Oliver: The partner you want might not be the partner you’ll meet or need.

Quotes to tell yourself

I trust the universe that it will bring everything I need in the right context, time and order.

I do not search, I find. (…)
– Pablo Picasso

This video has been made by Adina Rivers from, you can follow My tiny secrets on youtube. Much love.