How to make a guy fall in love with you

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Ok, we can probably agree that there is no universal magical formula to make a guy fall in love with you. (If there is, please do share!)
However, there are dozens of little tricks a girl can apply in her interaction with a man of her choice. Long gone are times when we relied mostly on hope and some simple flirtation to get the attention of men. If you really like a particular person, you definitely can (and should!) take the matter in your own hands.

What we are looking to achieve is to build some ground for basic social and emotional connection, because these are great starting points for strengthening a friendship – and if there’s any chemistry, friendships easily turn into beautiful relationships.
So, let’s see how to tackle this ever-present question in few simple steps.

1. Get to know him

What does he like? What does he do? What are his hobbies? What kind of music does he like? Maybe some specific sports? Think of this step as ‘scouting the area’. You would be surprised to learn how many common points you can find with so many people. Every common interest is a great conversation starter, so have those handy next time you get an opportunity to strike a chat with him.

2. Let him get to know you

If you already got an opportunity to present yourself, and any interaction is one, then make sure he gets a chance to learn something about you. He can’t fall in love with you if he doesn’t know anything about you, can he? We’re not saying you should chase him around shouting your life story at him, but feel free to highlight some of important aspects of your life and/or personality. Let him see what makes you different than all the other girls.

3. Laugh and love

Humor is your friend. Mindful joking will lift the spirits, ease the tension, make you seem more accessible, and give you an opportunity to build up an emotional momentum between just you two – and that’s great for strengthening the connection. Not to mention you get the flirt all you want without making it awkward!

4. Ask science

If you’re a person of systematic approach, here’s some good news for the nerd in you: there is an amazing communication model called NLP, which stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Don’t worry, it’s not scary as it sounds, and there’s a ton of materials online to learn about making the best out of your communication and every little interaction bit. It’s like the magic, spoken by psychotherapists – just imagine the possibilites!

5. Be bold, but be considerate

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind (or better to say, heart in our case), but make sure to leave enough space to your chosen prince. This means you shouldn’t hide the fact that you really like him – it’s the best way to open yourself and make it clear you’re interested. However, try to play your diplomacy cards here and if you’re inviting him for a mutual activity or plainly stating your emotions, make sure not to bring him in a situation where he needs to turn you down directly. This would make it awkward for both, and you don’t want him to associate any feeling of discomfort with your name.

6. Go all out with your girly charms

There are times when we need to pretend for a moment that we are not in a super emancipated society, and remind ourselves that most of men like the stereotypical women characteristics the most – if you have such opportunity, show him you can cook, that you can care for a home, be kind and gentle toward people and things, be open about your ideas of future and life goals. Even if you’re not planning to marry this guy and live happily ever after, he will love those qualities in you without even knowing it.

7. Learn to listen actively

Although this should go without saying, let’s repeat the material; best bonds are created among people who listen and understand each other. Listen to what he’s saying, try to find genuine interest for some point of his subject, be compassionate and when you can and/or are asked, do your best to provide honest advice. In good and lasting relationships, couples are each others best friends, and this can be achieved only if we actively listen each other and take people seriously about their issues and opinions.

8. Don’t be nosy

No one likes a nosy, suspicious people in general. If you’re just starting to build your relationship, don’t insist on knowing about every little detail he’s not yet willing to share. Remember, your goal is to make him feel comfortable around you. A golden rule: don’t give more than asked, and don’t take more than offered.

9. Be genuine

From make-up to personality, same rule applies to everything: don’t exaggerate. You don’t have to look like a doll 24/7 neither you should pretend to be something you’re not – sooner or later, you’ll know each other well enough and all false masks you might put on the way to impress him, will fall. Rather be natural you, enable him to know your essence and check himself if he feels you’re compatible.

10. Be persistent

Making a guy fall in love with you is not a goal you will achieve over night, neither it’s an easy task. However, these tips, when combined and persistently applied over time, will definitely create a new bond between the two of you; maybe you’ll earn a lifelong friend, and maybe you just started a journey with your future husband…

Good luck!

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