How to find true love and happiness

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True Love

Every man and woman deserves to find their loved one, to enjoy with the right partner and to live a happy life in a healthy relationship.

Maybe your passion is to find your soulmate to eventually raise children together, or that you are still young but you want to feel loved with a person from the opposite sex (usually). Here are some of the best ways to find your true love and happiness.

3 Ways to find love

1) Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you. (View quote) The time will come, and the love will come too. You can’t have control on where or when you will find your loved one, although you must be open to new opportunities that comes to you along the way.

2) Notice when a new opportunity is coming and be open to receive it. Go outside to meet new people. When you see someone that attracts you, go to say Hi. You can never know where it can lead. (Read about the “Butterfly Effect” to understand this concept).

Tip: Get accustomed to show at your best and to smell good when you’re going out to see people.

Tip: Tell your best friends about what you want. Maybe they know about someone that can fit you.

3) Learn from your past mistakes. If you know that a certain person makes you feel bad, or broke your heart in the past, don’t go back to the same dark corner you’ve already been through. What you need is to go up to the next level in relationship. Learn what you are really seeking for from the bottom of your heart, and then to find it.


(Only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers).

1) I am open to accept new opportunities.

2) I am willing to go out, because my soulmate is waiting for me there.

3) I know what is important for me in relationships from my past excpirience.

If all your answers are ‘yes’ then you are ready to find happiness and true love. If not, you need to do some work on yourself first. So that in the next time when the right one will come, you will be ready as well.

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