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This is the official Love me blog. Here you can read interesting articles and learn new things about love and relationships - between man and woman and between people in general. As the Lord says in the bible: "Love your neighbour as yourself".

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Read: How to make a guy fall in love with you


Ok, we can probably agree that there is no universal magical formula to make a guy fall in love with you. (If there is, please do share!)
However, there are dozens of little tricks a girl can apply in her interaction with a man of her choice. Long gone are times when we relied mostly on hope and some simple flirtation to get the attention of men. If you really like a particular person, you definitely can (and should!) take the matter in your own hands.

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Read: What is love

What is love

What is love?” and “what is the definition of love?” those are questions that has been asked throughout history and are often jumping to our head. Here you can read answers to some of those questions.

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Read: Tips for finding true long lasting love

Tips For Finding True Long Lasting Love Adina Rivers

In the last article we’ve talked about 3 ways to find true love. In addition to that, here are another 3 great tips for finding true long lasting love.

In this video Adina is talking about how she found a sweet and kind guy like Oliver her partner, how they managed to stay together for such a long period of time like love birds, raise a child and have gone through all those challenges.

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Read: How to find true love and happiness

True Love

Every man and woman deserves to find their loved one, to enjoy with the right partner and to live a happy life in a healthy relationship.

Maybe your passion is to find your soulmate to eventually raise children together, or that you are still young but you want to feel loved with a person from the opposite sex (usually). Here are some of the best ways to find your true love and happiness.

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